Teaching Assistant – General Chemistry 1, Organic / Allgemeine Chemie 1, Organischer Teil

10%-20%, Zurich, fixed-term

We are looking for teaching assistants for the Exercise Sections for General Chemistry-1 / Organic Part (Allgemeine Chemie-1 / Organischer Teil) 529-0011-03 in D-CHAB for HS2021.

Job description
You must be fluent in German and English, familiar with basic chemistry and be able to prepare for, and teach the exercise section for up to a grand total of 130 hours over the course of the semester. There will be a senior doctoral student as Head Assistant. You will be given access to all lecture notes, exercise class questions and exercise class answers before the start of the course.

At present, we have been instructed to prepare to teach HS2021 in presence, which means that the exercise groups will meet at the Hönggerberg in person. We cannot at this time exclude, however, that the epidemiological situation requires that some of the work will be done online with digital collaboration tools. Please include in your application any information concerning experience you have with online teaching.

Your profile
You must have passed your first year university exams as a minimum (Basisprüfung); students in their 3th semester with exceptional grades will be considered, but there is a preference for students in the 5th semester or higher. You must be matriculated as an MSc or BSc student at ETH or UZH (ETH applicants will be given priority).

About D-CHAB

Prof. Dr. Peter Chen, LOC