Rapid DNA extraction has been a bottleneck in the COVID-19 pandemic and is still a major obstacle for the use of PCR Diagnostics in point-of-care settings. Based on the years of research on DNA technologies in our group, we have come up with different methods of DNA extraction. In this project, we would like to develop them into an easily applicable device that can be used without prior training.

Our requirements:

  • You are eager to learn and open to new experiences
  • You are a student in chemistry, ChemEng, material science, interdisciplinary sciences.
  • You speak English, German or French

About Functional Materials Laboratory (Prof. Stark)

The Functional Materials Laboratory (FML) of ETH Zürich is a group performing worldclass
research in a wide variety of fields, from nanoparticle chemistry to chemical device
development. We are designing and developing innovative solutions for a wide range of
applications with a cost-effective approach and short time-to-result.