Who can submit an offer?

Everyone can create an account and submit an offer that is publicly visible. This method is preferred for companies who would like to promote their job offers and opportunities for students.

Members of ETH Zurich can log in using their nethz credentials to submit an offer which is tailored for academic use. While offers created by ETH members are publicly visible, the visibility of some content within the offer can be limited to other ETH members. This method is intended for research groups of ETH Zurich who would like to offer opportunities to other members of ETH Zurich.


How do I create an offer?

Either create an account here or log in using your credentials here, then head over to Submit an Offer in order to post the information about your offer. Your posting will be available as soon as it is accepted by us. You will be notified when the offer has been published.


Who can view my offer and what content is visible?

Everyone can view your offer, as it is publicly available. However, which content of the offer is visible depends on your and the viewing user’s affiliation.

For members of ETH who log in using their nethz credentials, an option to limit the visibility of the offer’s content to other ETH members is available. In this case, the title, the description and the link or email address for application will only be shown to users who are logged in via their nethz account.

In all other cases, the content you submit is publicly available and visible for everyone.


How can I modify or remove an offer?

You can modify and remove your offers by logging in with the account that created them and heading to Manage Offers. If you do not have access to the corresponding account anymore, contact us at info@chemconnect.ethz.ch with a link to the offer you wish to modify or remove, ideally providing proof of your affiliation with the organisation which submitted it.


How do you use the images I upload?

Your images, such as your logo, will be used throughout the site to identify your organisation and your offers. By uploading images, you agree to their use on this site. Nonetheless, their copyright will remain with you.


For how long will my offers stay posted?

Offers do not have a predetermined duration and will not be automatically deleted. Obviously, you may remove your offers yourself at any time. However, we hold the right to remove offers manually if they are deemed improper, e.g. due to closed deadlines.


Need more information?

For additional information, please consult our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. If you have any other questions or remarks, please contact us at info@chemconnect.ethz.ch.