In this master thesis project, the student will work with Biosimo AG’s scientist on the catalyst formulation for the next-generation bioethanol oxidation catalysts. The project will focus on a literature review, catalyst preparation, testing, and characterization. Specifically, the role of dopants and the catalyst performance will be evaluated in this work.


-Gain an understanding of catalytic ethanol oxidation

-Learn how to prepare heterogeneous catalysts

-Test and characterize catalysts

-Determine relations between properties and performance

-Draft scientific reports and present results

Candidate profile:

-Master’s student in the field of Chemistry, Chemical, Process, or Environmental or Engineering

-Habitude of driving research independently and of taking initiative

-Excellent communication skills in English (both written and spoken)

-Good interpersonal skills

-A basic knowledge of lab work and catalyst testing and evaluation is a plus


-Work location: Biosimo Labs at ETH Zurich Hoenggerberg and Schlieren

-Supervision: Dr. Maximilian Moser (Biosimo AG) and Prof. Jeroen van Bokhoven (ETH Zurich)

-Students not enrolled at ETH Zurich need the support of their Master Program Manager

-Start: Spring 2023

About Biosimo AG

Biosimo AG is a spin-off, based at ETH Zurich, aiming to develop and produce bio-based platform chemicals. Its focus so far has been on bio-acetic acid from bioethanol. Biosimo AG has developed proprietary catalytic processes that stand at the core of its technology platform.